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Will An Electric Grill Produce Smoke?

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Grilling is part of the kitchen activities of many homes.  If there is some outdoor space, most of the homeowners will be looking to install a grill to prepare tasty and yummy grilled food. For a long time, people were using the charcoal for grilling.

This emitted a lot of smoke and it made things very messy and inconvenient. Many people do not like the charcoal taste of their food. If you also do not like the taste of charcoal, then you can switch to electric grills to enjoy the food devoid of charcoal.

The best part about electric grills is that they can be used indoors as well without worrying about any smoke to be let out of the machine. These units do not let out that much smoke like how you get from a charcoal grill or even a gas grill. The grills will take lesser time to cook the food and thereby it will also save a lot of your cooking time.

Will An Electric Grill Produce Smoke?

How do electric grills work?

The electric grill works in a very simple manner. The unit basically has a casing that covers the big metal heating plate.

  • The heating plate’s surface is made using ridges that will give it the look of a traditional grill
  • The plate starts to heat when it is powered by electricity that is provided from a standard electric socket
  • The plate gets heated up very quickly and once the desired temperature is reached, the heating plate power will be switched off
  • Once the unit senses that the heat is not adequate, it might switch on once again

If you buy the best grilling machines, you can get uniform heating all over the plate so that the food gets evenly cooked to the right temperature throughout the plate.

Does it produce smoke?

One of the most pertinent questions asked by anyone looking to buy the electric grill is whether or not it will produce smoke. The electric grills do produce smoke, but the smoke produced is very little or negligible when compared to the smoke let out by the outdoor grills like charcoal grills or the gas grills.

There is no need to worry that the electric grills will produce a huge amount of smoke in the kitchen and make the furniture and other household items smell awful and smoky.

This is not the case that you will experience when you bring home an electric grill. You can safely use it in your kitchen and the smoke that would come out of the grill can be easily sucked in and let out by your kitchen chimneys.

The fatty foods like meat, beef, pork, etc., might produce more smoke than when you try to grill vegetables. But, the smell and smoke will not be an unbearable one. You will not find the smoke to fill the air when you use the electric grill outdoors.

Are there safety issues?

There is always a bit of concern in the minds of the electric grill users about its safety and how safe it is to use them indoors.

The companies that make the electric grills are aware of the safety issues that keep people from buying them and have made sure that the machines are as safe as possible by providing a lot of safety features. The heating plate of the grills will not touch the surface on which the unit is placed.

Therefore, you need not worry about the unit causing any damage to your kitchen tables or countertops when the machine is working. The electric grill will also be having legs or a stand to keep the grill off the surface. The heating of the grill plate is easily contained within the metal or the plastic.

The users must ensure that no flammable substances are placed very near to the grill plate when it is working. You must take great care and the necessary precautions when you are placing the food on the hot grill plate or when you are removing the food from the grill.

There are chances of burning your fingertips and hand if you do not use the proper tools to place or remove food from the grill. Brushing your finger on the grill plate for a second or two will not cause a finger to burn.

Types of electric grills

There are two types of electric grill that you will find in the market. One type is the sandwich style grill where the food that needs to be grilled is placed between the two grill plates on either side of the opening. The electric grill that is commonly used to grill meat and other stuff is the open grill type.

The food is placed on top of the grilling plate and this grilling machine can even grill meats of one-inch thickness. The food that is cooked can be checked from time to time so that you enjoy perfectly cooked food always. The safer and affordable electric grill option is the sandwich type as it does not produce smoke at all.

The machine produces steam and this will stay inside the machine itself. But, it takes a lot of time to cook food. The heat is also not evenly generated and at most times the outer edges do not get heated up. Hence, if you need to cook chunks of meat, then it is worth investing in an open type electric grill.

The most common types of open type electric grills are Portable electric grills, Infrared electric grills and Camping electric grills with wheels.

The electric grills are ideal grill machine options for people living in condos and apartments where they do not get outdoor space. Many people also prefer to use the electric grill because it does not need much space and also produces very less smoke.

There are lots of electric grills on offer and most of them carry a reasonable price tag. It is very important to choose the electric grill depending on the use, budget, space availability and the kind of features you want.


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