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The Weber 6492 Original Instant Read Thermometer Review

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A good thermometer can help you to eliminate almost all the guesswork when it comes to grilling, or cooking or baking. If you no longer want to cut your steaks to bits to see if they are done, or your oven has its own ideas of what the temperature really is, a good thermometer is an excellent idea.

It will help you determine if your thanksgiving turkey is done right and if your steak is rare, well-done or just not done. So what is the best grill (and general kitchen) thermometer for your needs?

In this piece we take a look at the Weber 6492 original instant read thermometer. We review its features and take a look if it does as it promises. We look at its good features and positives, but we also cover the negatives so you know exactly what you are getting for the price.

The Weber instant read thermometer has a swiveling head with a digital display. This means that you can read the temperature at different angles. The thermometer also has an auto shut off feature after 15 minutes. It uses LR44 batteries and is very lightweight.

It can work with either gas or charcoal grills, or just around the kitchen. The digital display is quite large and the thermometer also comes with its own protective sleeve for storage. Take a look at some of its pros and cons and our verdict on this little temperature meter.

Weber Thermometer Stainless Steel


  • The thermometer has digital display
  • It has a swiveling head so the temperature can be read from different directions
  • It has an auto shut off after it has been left on for 15 minutes
  • It comes with a protective sleeve for the probe
  • It is designed to work with both gas and charcoal grills
  • It uses LR44 batteries
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 0.75 x 2 inches ( 16.5 x 1.9 x 5 cm)
  • 6 ounces (45g)


  • It can serve as a general kitchen thermometer as well, for baking and general stove cooking
  • The rotating head of this thermometer makes it easy to read even at different angles
  • The thermometer is reasonably priced and wont destroy your budget
  • The display is large and is easy to read
  • It has an option for either degrees in Fahrenheit or Celsius (to help you with international recipes)
  • This compact thermometer can easily fit in your apron pocket and is very lightweight
  • It is very easy to use even if you are only starting out in the kitchen


  • The temperature reading can have some problems with the digital display giving an error message which will require a battery change
  • It takes a few seconds to settle on the exact correct temperature
  • The temperature reading can start jumping around after extended use
  • The accuracy is not very reliable and may have some variations


This Weber 6492 thermometer boasts an instant display, but it needs a few seconds (around 15) to accurately display the correct temperature. There can be some issues with the thermometer displaying an error message, but could be solved without too much fuss, by simply replacing the battery.  After extended use the temperature reading can start jumping and losing accuracy.

The swiveling head is very useful and ensures that the display is visible when the sensor rod is located at strange angles.  The display is also large and easy to read.

This thermometer is reasonably priced, and can be used for other functions around the kitchen, not just at the grill.  It is very easy to use and if you are still unsure in the kitchen then it will work well for you. Start with clear basic readings before you upgrade to more complex programmable thermometers. It will even keep the health inspector happy when you cook chicken and turkey.


This Weber 6492 original instant read thermometer, is a good basic thermometer without some of the additional features of other thermometers, such as wireless readings with an additional unit and programmable functions.

It is accurate (although not exactly instant) and will happily give you the temperature while you are grilling or baking. It is much faster than other manual thermometers even with its 15 second delay.

It is not always accurate to the finest degree and can have discrepancies of about 10°F (12°C), but compares well to analog thermometers. The battery has a long life even with the large display. The large display is a big benefit and is much better than many analog displays that can be quite small to read.

It is reasonably priced and does not have any additional parts that can cause you some annoying problems. It is best used for its intended function, meat temperatures, but can also work for baking. Making candy is probably a bit much for this thermometer and it would be better if you bought a thermometer designed to handle the temperature ranges of heated sugar.


If you want a good basic thermometer without any unnecessary extras and distractions then this Weber original instant read thermometer will do the job for you. It is easy to use (you won’t need a master’s degree in thermodynamics to operate this little guy) and the display is large and can be read from various angles because of the pivot head.

This thermometer will help you to avoid the scourge of overcooked meat. No more dry tough meat that you struggle to chew.

The Weber 6492 Original instant read thermometer is a very reasonably priced basic thermometer and if you don’t expect it to do the cooking for you, it will work very well.

It is a budget thermometer and some higher end products will offer you additional functions, more durability and the ability to program it to certain functions. But if all of that sounds like unnecessary trouble, a good basic large display thermometer like this one is the right choice for you (and your pocket).


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