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The Small Charcoal Grill: How To Make Your Food Delicious

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Summer is the prime grilling season and cooking outside on the barbecue is most common. The aroma of burning charcoal and the food getting cooked makes the atmosphere fresh and pleasant during the homely parties arranged in the backyards.

The best small charcoal grill will remain the center of attraction in the party all the time.  The charcoal grill has become most preferred grill among the foodies. There are many reasons to choose the best small charcoal grill which is during the outdoor activities where it can be easily carried in hands.

The small in size grill looks sturdy and can be easily managed while using it for preparing various appetizing dishes. The technique of grilling the food by using heat and smoke is highly appreciable and has become part of the backyard or garden parties.

The charcoal works effectively in producing the heat while grilling the food. Charcoal turns red, orange and the gray while distributing the heat evenly and cooking the food slowly in the natural smoky flavor making it delicious.

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Features of the best small charcoal grill

  • The best small charcoal grill is lighter in weight and can be easily carried or transported while going outdoors for the excursions.
  • The rectangular shaped grill fits well on any smooth surface well and does not require any support or stand.
  • The charcoal is the natural hardwood which is available in form of coal lumps produced from specific flavoring wood such as apple, cherry, oak, mesquite.
  • The lids remain cool even during heated grilling session because of the handles which are protected by nylon covers.
  • The small sized dampers work effectively and keep air-flow regular to grill the meat or the veggies uniformly over the flame.
  • The size of the charcoal grill varies in sizes but the dimension of 14.5 x 21 x 12.25 inches remains the most common of all.
  • The light weight and small in size grill weighs about 9 pounds which is easy to carry even in one hand.


  • The grates remain stronger and heavy-duty.
  • It retains heat better than most other products in the similar category and also price range.
  • Cooking becomes enjoyable when grill is used and subtle aroma adds the fun.
  • It can be used during the cold winters as a fire pit.
  • It is simple to use, lighter to carry and easy to use and clean.


  • The secondary rack is smaller in size and does not rotate as freely as it should be.
  • The ash cleaner leaves a lot of ash behind which needs to be cleaned every time.
  • Charcoal is not a fuel saver and it burns extremely fast.
  • Charcoal grate and cooking grate can get damaged while using it over the years and needed replacements.


When the best small charcoal grill becomes part of the outdoor activities such as garden parties, camping, cycling and many other activities, then the outdoor actions feel more interesting.

When you want to spend time in the company of the nature along with your friends and family then the best small charcoal grill will help you to enjoy every moment forgetting all your worries. You can carry the charcoal grill along with you which is easy to carry and simple to manage.

Cooking with the charcoal grill becomes fun and everyone around you will enjoy the moments watching the grill perform and cook tasty food for all. The entire setup of cooking with the help of grill does not require any additional assembly but the small sized grill can fit well on a flat surface.

It is the safer and highly effective way of cooking while number of people around will be in the party mood and enjoying themselves. The aroma of the grilled food added with charcoal heat and smoky flavor bring excitement in the atmosphere.

The deliciously cooked food in form of meat, chicken or the fish increases the appetite of the foodies. Everyone will remember the fun at the party and also the delicious appetizing grilled food which made the day memorable.


The best small charcoal grill has become more popular than many other types of grills available. The entire cooking apparatus with which is medium in size and can easily fit on normal sized work table. The small sized, compact grill is handy which anyone can carry outside while going outdoors.  The best small grill has the porcelain enameled coat to prevent it from rust and fading effect during the changing seasons and the invariable climatic conditions.

The best small charcoal grill is easy to handle and remains clean after every usage. The ash catcher bowl fits at the bottom and latches over the base of the grill. The ash produced while grill is on the fire gets collected neatly into the ash box which is keeps the surrounding dirt free.

The charcoal works effectively producing the heat which cooks the food on the flame constantly. The smoke produced gets effectively over the grilled food adding the special smoky flavor which makes everyone in the family appreciate and enjoy the special dishes prepared over the best small grill.


The charcoal grill remains easy to use because it can get heated fast and can reach up to 700 degrees F regardless of the size of the grill. The heat produced remains steady and keeps the flame burning constantly for long along with the smoke.

The food prepared over the charcoal gets tastier when it gets cooked uniformly. The best small charcoal grill which works efficiently using lump charcoal as the fuel is considered to be better than the grills which make use of briquettes.  The maintenance for the best charcoal grill is very easy and manageable.

The superior quality material used in the construction of the grill remains strong and spotless even after using it for longer time.  It has oversized and easily removable ash receptacle which is easy to handle and clean. The best small charcoal grill is easy to use and easy to manage without any difficulty. It is easy to clean and needs rare attention.

The grill is easily washable and needs limited attention and cleaning which makes it highly convenient. You should pre-determine the cooking requirements for the best small charcoal grill and keep the open area ready to be used for better convention and results.

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