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How to Come Up with a Portable BBQ Grill

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portable BBQ grill

BBQ grills are to be used in outdoor space, but at times one can be limited in moving it from one place to another. However, the good news is that there is a portable BBQ grill and one can comfortably come up with his/hers. There are portable grills sold at the market though some of them may be expensive. One does not have to part ways with a lot of money to acquire since all this can be done easily and fast. All that one may be required to do is spend some money to buy the required materials, but this is less than what he/she would have spent getting one from the stores.

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Steps on building a portable BBQ grill

As a start, one has to work on the base of the grill. There varying ideas on the procedure involved in building the base of a portable BBQ grill. There are certain items that one should have and they include an old metal pan, a metal grill, charcoal chimney and a protecting surface that will prevent the floor from getting burnt. Several hours before grilling can start, one is required to prepare the wood chips, which will be dumped into a bucket with water. The wood chips should be placed in a bag that will dumped halfway into water. They should be allowed to soak for at least two hours. This is essential in order for them to release enough moisture when placed on top of the fire in the grill. They should be pat dry to get rid of excess water.

A charcoal fire should be built through building a mound of 15 to 20 charcoal briquettes on one side. The other side should be left empty. On top of the mound, a well should be dug. Charcoal briquettes are to be placed in the charcoal stove and lit. Eight wood chips should be placed on top of the fire in order to start the smoke. A metal bowl filled with water should be placed directly over the fire. The water is to be used as a cooling agent for purposes of regulating the grill’s internal temperature.

Additional information on the procedure

The meat should be smoked, but it has to be placed on the grill opposite the fire. The top of the hibachi should be shut, which acts as the lid of the portable BBQ grill. The water should be replaced periodically and more wood chips added if need arises. However, for this smoker, more time will be spent in cooking the meat as opposed to using a regular charcoal smoker. It will take four hours for the meat to smoke.

When cooking with fire, one is advised to ensure that at all times, a bucket is within reach because the fat on the meat may cause fire to flare up.

Conclusion on the portable smoker

As the name suggests, the smoker can be moved with a lot of ease. This makes the portable BBQ grill ideal for picnics. All that one needs is to carry the required items in order to set up the smoker from the start.

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