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Electric Smokers Vs Gas Smokers

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Are you planning to buy a smoker and wanting to decide the best and most suitable smoker? You should decide to buy either an electric smoker or a gas smoker. Let us find out more about both the smokers – electric smoker and gas smoker, and find out which smoker is the most suitable to work with. Smokers have become part of our home and also part of the business and are essentially bringing changes in our lives.

Electric Smokers Vs Gas Smokers

Electric Smoker

The electric smoker runs on electricity, which is the main source and keeps process of the heating continuous with higher intensity. The radiant waves cook the food at high temperature and constantly monitoring it. The heat produced with the help of wood pallets which are fed at the beginning and at regular intervals, if needed. The heat produces the smoke which makes the food tastier by adding the smoke flavor and cooking the food scrumptious and juicy. It is easy to use the electric smoker because the constant flow of radiant temperature cooks the food well and makes it  flavorsome which most of the food lovers prefer to eat.

Adds Wood Flavor

The wooden lobes can be used directly in the chip box without chopping it which burns for long duration. You can relax while the smoker works and prepares your favorite dish. The electric smoker is made of stainless steel and is well insulated. It remains clean and shiny for longer time, without getting damaged. Once you place the wood chips in the chip box and switch on the smoker after placing the seasoned food inside, the timer will keep the track of the time while the smoker produces enough smoke to cook the meat or vegetables as per the taste.

Gas Smokers

Gas smokers are not as technical as electric smokers. It requires understanding and the working of the gas technique used in the smoker. You should know more about how to adjust the outside temperature and to use the vents properly.  The gas smokers can be adjusted as per the requirement of the flame while cooking and cooks the food faster. The food gets heated well and remains crunchy for a long time. Gas smokers are suitable to use and easy to operate.

Adds Wood Flavor

It always needs to be added some wood chips to the chip box and close it from top while burning. It starts smoking and heating which makes the food ready. The gas smokers are easier to handle than any other smoker. The gas is used to burn and to prepare the food. You do not have to clean the ash because you do not use wood as fuel. The food gets cooked faster and the temperature can be controlled with the help of switches.

Types of gas smokers

The two types gas smokers used are propane smokers and the natural gas propane. The smokers which use propane have twice the energy than the smokers which use the natural gas. Both the smokers required different types of regulators for the different type of gas energy used.

The propane smokers are lightweight and can cook a larger amount of food. It can be easily portable, refilled and used for cooking unlimited amount of food. It is economical to use and it helps in cooking more at minimum cost.

The natural gas smokers are fixed in one place and cannot be moved. The advantage is that it can have an endless supply of natural gas and does not required to be refilled. The smoker is effectively used if you have an outdoor place fixed for parties.

Easy to Operate

The gas smokers can be easily operated with the on and off switch. Once the smoker is switched on, it will immediately start by burning the flame which can be adjusted as per the king requirement. It starts heating the food at the temperature set for the food.

Adds Wood Flavor

While you start cooking using the gas smoker, the smoking wood should be placed in the chip pan. The wood chips should be soaked in the water for 20 minutes before using it. The wet chips when start burning, it takes more time to go up in the smoke. The small ventilation allows more smoke together over the food adding the flavor.

Additional accessories

Both electric and gas smokers have different set of table tops and also the smokehouses. The area around the smoker for the electric smoker is bigger and in enclosed form where as for the gas smoker the area of the table top is much smaller and remains open. Both the smokers are available with the set of additional accessories which is in the form of additional racks, plates and hangers.  The accessories are useful while handling the food and while keeping the smoker clean after the use.

Safety Features

The safety features of both the smokers- electric and gas are very important factors and you have to find the safety features of both the smokers along with the precautions, before using them.

Electric Smoker Safer

The electric smoker runs on electricity, which runs inside the well enclosed body of the smoker. It is electronically supervised while the electric smoker is switched on and keeps cooking the food. The insulated body of the smoker remains safe which protect the surrounding as well.

The gas smokers such as propane smokers or the natural gas smokers are unsafe to use under inattentive conditions or emergency situations.  The gas pipe connections and the moisture levels should be adjusted for the cooking required for longer duration.

Which Smoker is the best?

When you want to decide which smoker either an electric or gas, is the winner? It is not easy to decide and to come to a conclusion. Both the smokers have set of valuable features and advantages which are highly useful and are mainly dependent on which smoker is to be used for which occasion.

Final Word

The electric smoker is easy to operate, easy to clean and portable. It can prepare the tasty food by adding the smoke flavor of your choice. The gas smoker is of two types, propane smoker is portable and can be refilled which can cook unlimited food. The natural gas smoker is fixed in place and can cook varieties of food without requiring refilling.

The question – which is the most suitable smoker –should be left for you to think and decide.

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