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Can You Use an Electric Smoker Indoors?


In earlier days, smoking meat or veggies was a difficult task. You need to gather firewood, burn it to get the fire and maintain the flame while you start cooking the food. But thanks to the technology which helps us in cooking whichever dish or recipe we want easily over the electric smoker.

The smokers are placed out in the outdoors such as in the patio around your home or in the open isolated area outside under the sky. But can you use an electric smoker indoors?

The answer to the question can be – the electric smoker cannot be used indoors, why?

Can You Use an Electric Smoker Indoors?

Let us discuss the main five reasons about why you should not use smokers indoors at all.

Smokers are the extended technology used for cooking with the help of fire and smoke. The food prepared in the smokers is nutritious, delicious and having specially added smoky flavor which makes it unique. Smokers cook the food effectively and makes it ready on time during parties.

1.  Creates a poisonous atmosphere

Even the smokers have the chimneys which directs the smoke out slowly. Then why can’t you have a smoker in your kitchen for getting delicious meal all the time? The smokers are risky when used in the home or kitchen, even while having the chimneys to direct the smoke out. The smokers have small openings and gaps, which could leak the smoke slowly in the kitchen and then into the home.

Though smokers prepare the food of high quality, while smoking the food with the help of wood. It is found that the smoke created during the cooking will not completely go out through the chimney. Some of the smoke can easily seep out through the outlets of the smoker. The small holes and the openings of the smoker will spread the smoke in your kitchen or even in the entire house slowly. Smoking is a process which takes longer time and it keeps producing smoke for longer time. The continuous seeping of the smoke can have choked effect over the living beings in your home.

Even it produces the poisonous gases like Carbon monoxide are useful while cooking meat or fish, but it is very harmful to the human beings and animals. The smoke which is colorless and odorless which can act as an invisible killer. One should not have the electric smoker in the indoors.

2.  Makes surrounding smelly

The wooden flavor added to the smoke which makes your food flavorsome but it will smell terrible over the various things in the home and especially the furniture, doors and the curtains. It gives a smoky smell to the entire home and the smell remains for long and gets cleared very slowly.

3.  Reduces safety and security

Most of us make use of  wood or logs while building the houses. The wood has become part of your home and the building. If you use the electric smoker inside your home, It produces smoke required for cooking the food and also spreads the smoke in the home exposing the wooden material of the building. The smoke and heat produced from the direct burning of wood  might ignite  the wood which is close-by creating a dangerous situation. The safety of the home will be at the risk. The safety factor of the home cannot be compromised by keeping the electric smoker indoors.

4.  Be cautious and watchful

In order to make your home a safe and secured place for the children and for your pets, it is better not to have the electric smoker inside your kitchen or inside anywhere in the home. The smoker runs for longer hours and it is not always possible to attend the smoker all the time while it runs and starts producing  heat and smoke. In order to avoid any unwanted incident inside the home, make sure that the smokers remain outside the home in  the safe and ideal place.

In case, if you have decided to place the electric smoker indoors then you need to take precautions which makes it safe and also helps you to make sure that no dangerous condition would be created which could lead to unwanted situations.

Precautions to be taken care of while placing the smoker indoors

  • Keep the electric smoker in an isolated place which is away from kitchen and dining area.
  • Keep the windows open and make sure that the smoke goes out instead of seeping inside the home.
  • You can make use of exhaust fans and useful ventilators which can make the home safer place.
  • You can make use of the garage, which is outside the home and do not have any wood material around it.
  • You can keep the door of the garage open all the time while the smoker cooks the food.

General precautions while handling electric smoker

  • Never leave the smoker unattended when in use. Do not close the holes and the outlets of the smoker, which will trap the heat and will damage the smoker.
  • Do not handle the wood chip box recklessly. It remains hot for a few hours even after the smoker is switched off. Handle it with complete care and caution.
  • When you want to clean the smoker, turn off the control panel completely, remove the plug from the socket and disconnect the smoker completely.
  • Allow the smoker to cool down completely before you start cleaning. Remove the racks and other removable parts before cleaning it.Dispose of the ashes and the dust separately into aluminium foils.
  • Make use of high quality, detachable power supply cords which are longer in length and with additional having extension if required. Keep the cords on the dry surface which reduces the risk against the electric shock.


The electric smokers are highly useful in preparing high quality food which can have the added flavor of your choice and taste. The smokers are highly preferred and most suitable when used outdoors and not indoors at all.  Using the electric smokers indoor could be dangerous  while using them outdoor is fun and enjoyment.

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